Prunus padus

MAYDAY TREE (European Birdcherry)

Prunus padus

Deciduous Tree


30 - 40 (feet)


15 - 30 (feet)


INVASIVE. Smooth gray bark; symmetrical oval canopy; clusters of white, fragrant flowers in spring; small black fruits; fast growing.


INVASIVE; seeds carried by birds have resulted in rapid invasion in SC forests and riparian areas, replacing native species; susceptible to black knot disease and aphids; suckers; often has poor form which results in structural damage.


INT, SC, SE (Zone 3)


Europe, northern Asia to Korea, and Japan


var. commutata long spikes of white flowers; early flowering.; 'Dropmore' showy flowers; selected by a nursery in Dropmore, Manitoba.; 'Plena' large, semi-double flowers; long bloom period (Zone 4).; 'Spaethi' flower clusters hang gracefully from branches (Zone 4).; 'Watereri' 8" long clusters of flowers (Zone 4).

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